Drone-Acharya 2.0

Greetings from everyone here at team aeroKLE. Ever wondered how a drone manages to fly high in the sky? Well, don’t limit yourself there ! We bring to you one of the most enthralling technical events in the university . DRONE-ACHARYA 2.0 . An event where you build your own drone, everyone’s got a taste, isn’t it? The exciting thing is, your drones will be put to numerous tests, an Arena in which your drone should dodge all the hurdles meticulously. The winners will be decided based on the versatility of the drone and other essential parameters. Sounds good? There’s more. Prior to the event, a workshop will be held on the topics of [basic electronics and coding] and [mechanical design and strength of drones]. Registration fee is a nominal amount of Rs.200 each. Note: Students registering for theevent need not register for the workshop . But, how to build one? With your brains and hands! Well, along with that, all the materials and consumables.What’s more? Our eminent technical team will be more than happy to guide you throughout the process.
Rules and Regulations are given in the Guidelines